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device for transforming kinetic en.. centrifugal mechanical device.. inertia engine propulsion system
device for transforming kinetic en..centrifugal mechanical device..inertia enginepropulsion system
centrifugal propulsion drive and s.. vibratory motion device for converting rotary motio.. method and apparatus for propellin..
centrifugal propulsion drive and s..vibratory motiondevice for converting rotary motio..method and apparatus for propellin..
mechanical power transmitting syst.. device for converting rotary motio.. orbital propulsion apparatus.. device for converting rotary motio..
mechanical power transmitting syst..device for converting rotary motio..orbital propulsion apparatus..device for converting rotary motio..
device for conversion of centrifug.. mechanical propulsion system.. unidirectional force generator.. apparatus for converting rotary mo..
device for conversion of centrifug..mechanical propulsion system..unidirectional force generator..apparatus for converting rotary mo..
apparatus for acceleration-free mo.. propulsion system centrifugal reaction chamber.. propulsion system
apparatus for acceleration-free mo..propulsion systemcentrifugal reaction chamber..propulsion system
mechanical propulsion system.. propulsion apparatus apparatus for developing a propuls.. dipolar force field propulsion..
mechanical propulsion system..propulsion apparatusapparatus for developing a propuls..dipolar force field propulsion..
impulse drive apparatus for producing a force.. continuous force and impact genera.. apparatus for producing a directio..
impulse driveapparatus for producing a force..continuous force and impact genera..apparatus for producing a directio..
universal propulsion powerplant an.. gyroscopic propulsion device.. flywheel system for propulsion and position..
universal propulsion powerplant an..gyroscopic propulsion device..flywheelsystem for propulsion and position..
conversion of rotational output to.. centripedal device for concentrati.. dipole accelerating means and meth.. airship
conversion of rotational output to..centripedal device for concentrati..dipole accelerating means and meth..airship
centripedal device for concentrati.. gyroscopic apparatus conversion of rotational output to.. controllable gyroscopic propulsion..
centripedal device for concentrati..gyroscopic apparatusconversion of rotational output to..controllable gyroscopic propulsion..
gyrostat propulsion system.. propulsion system nonlinear electromagnetic propulsi.. translational force generator..
gyrostat propulsion system..propulsion systemnonlinear electromagnetic propulsi..translational force generator..
method and apparatus for convertin.. energy transfer device non-linear propulsion and energy c.. electromagnetic energy propulsion ..
method and apparatus for convertin..energy transfer devicenon-linear propulsion and energy c..electromagnetic energy propulsion ..
magetohydrodynamic propulsion syst.. stabilization system for a freely .. method for transiently altering th.. spaceship propulsion by momentum t..
magetohydrodynamic propulsion syst..stabilization system for a freely ..method for transiently altering th..spaceship propulsion by momentum t..
reusable mass propulsion system.. propulsion system impulse converter net kinetic energy differential gu..
reusable mass propulsion system..propulsion systemimpulse converternet kinetic energy differential gu..
rotating eccentric weights vibrato.. centrifugal force drive machine.. propulsion system sphereroll
rotating eccentric weights vibrato..centrifugal force drive machine..propulsion systemsphereroll
system for generating controllable.. centrifugal inertia drive.. centrifugal impelled vehicle.. apparatus for energy transformatio..
system for generating controllable..centrifugal inertia drive..centrifugal impelled vehicle..apparatus for energy transformatio..
inertial propulsion plus/device an.. electromagnetically actuated thrus.. boot strap propulsion system.. propulsion system
inertial propulsion plus/device an..electromagnetically actuated thrus..boot strap propulsion system..propulsion system
propulsion system
propulsion system
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