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18 April 2021 16:18

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Asked by: sushil
Subject: Gyroscope Levitation
Question: Did anybody or any team tried to verify this machine (link :- http://rexresearch.com/laithwat/laithw1.htm Fig 25 to 28) ?
Date: 27 December 2016
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Nitro - 27/12/2016 17:21:58
 This machine would seem to confirm what Laithwaite said:-


Although there is stick slip the large unidirectional force required to move such a large mass negates that possibility.


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Answer: Brian Morris - 29/12/2016 12:43:34
Seems like you picked the wrong site. As the man said "We deal with mainstream physics here" consequently experiments play no part hence the telling comment, which is often given "Unlikely that any-one did (I hope)"

So that which is common knowledge to shed dwellers is forbidden fruit to "Real" scientists.

If you do get an answer beyond the knee jerk reaction of stick slip, please post a link. It would be refreshing to talk to that fictitious creature, an open minded scientist.


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Answer: sushil - 30/12/2016 08:08:14
 thanks Nitro !,for sharing link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nstIIZZadAM&app=desktop

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Answer: Miklos Somos - 18/01/2017 19:10:58
 Hi Sushil,

I think we all here on this site are working more or less on some verification of that machine, and of many other strange one.
The thing on the film posted by Nitro is a replica of the Laithwaite-Dawson patent. If You speak german, then You can find some additional informations in this article:


It is mainly about the history of the machine. Mr. Klimpfinger has contacted Mr. Dawson who was the fellow research assistent of Mr. Laithwaite. He has helped Mr. Klimpfinger to get use of the patent, and supplied him with some additional informations.
The article contains some interesting links also.

The base idea of the machine, is that if a gyro precesses, it exerts less centrifugal force as a dead mass equal in mass and angular velocity. This effect strongly depends on the "goodness" of the flywheel. Goodness means the ratio of the mass of the flywheel related to the mass of its rim. The heavier the rim the better the flywheel is. You can find some hints about it on this site: http://gyroscopes.org/masstran.asp.

Currently I'm not convinced that it works. Stick slip will always be a possible candidate for such devices. Only because it rolls on some balls having friction. There is slip stick. The question is how far it effects the device. Actually the slip stick effect could be used for an indication of an existing inertial propulsive force, but for that You need to compare the behaviour of the machine in two systems having different frictional properties. You

First You have to show, that Mr. Laithwaite was right about the centrifugal. A billiard table is not a good instrument for that.

Maybe my post has a bit sceptical favour, but I'm a wannabe believer.


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Answer: sushil - 19/01/2017 05:25:56
 Hi Miklos,

Thanks for your reply and i don't know German.
Actually i'm not any expert in this field but after observing many of thing regarding Gyroscope and Eric laithwait, My conclusions are:

1] Eric laithwait machine doesn't produce any kind of mass transfer, but effect of centrifugal force exist in this machine.

2] As per Eric laithwait machine design(http://rexresearch.com/laithwat/laithw1.htm Fig 25 to 28) ) this is vibration machine which have mass imbalanced.

3] But for specific configuration and condition of machine it could produce force that is:
a) as per your statement "Goodness means the ratio of the mass of the flywheel related to the mass of its rim", if i modify this statement as the density of gyroscope part on rim is such that density of same size of that rim. Mean we have to choose specify density two matters one for Rim and another for gyroscope.But it is difficult, we can have second solution that we can put two gyroscope opposite to center of rim each other. it will not create any vibration machine or rotor.

b] Now question is how force will be produced here? We know rotating gyroscope behave like magnet mean try to remain in same direction if we rotate or change their pole direction for that we need to apply force/torque for this change it will consume energy.

c] mean it will oppose in half of circular path of machine and second half it will free to rotate , this condition can produce net centrifugal force different on both half cycle.

This is overall my understanding for this machine.
Just i'm confused about eric laithwait statement that this machine could behave like hover craft, because if i use this machine in horizontal plane then i need some opposite force to gravity so it can stay in air or he was thinking to keep this machine in vertical plane ...... this is out of my mind...

If anybody interested about my idea please connect on sushilaswal1989@gmail.com.

I already mentioned i'm not expert in this field i'm just passionate.

Sushil Aswal

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Answer: Nate - 20/01/2017 00:58:04
 Hello Sushil,
Here's a link to someone who attempted to analyse Laithwaite's experiment.

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Answer: Nate - 20/01/2017 00:58:31
 Hello Sushil,
Here's a link to someone who attempted to analyse Laithwaite's experiment.

Good luck.

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